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Symbols and Sounds

And it's official. "Blurry Song" has been released on November 5th, 2021.

Remember, remember, the 5th of Novemnber, the... OK, OK.

The song is not an anonymous anthem. It is a nice melodic, bittersweet, introspective, short, and easy-to-listen song aimed to accompany you through the days of autumn, and beyond. As previously mentioned, the song was created while I was living in Madrid, back in 2010, reflecting on life and adding a sprinkle of nostalgia to it. Then, on my trip to Monemvasiá in 2020, I decided to rewrite some of the lyrics as the place I was staying was oh so inspiring, and a few lines of the song were a bit too abstract, so they needed to be changed.

And finally, in 2021, just when summer was starting, I found a producer in Los Angeles who was very talented and promising, so I decided to start my recording collaboration with him by working on the "Blurry Song". And after a few recording, creative, and editing sessions, and with the help of the very gifted and blessed cellist Liza, the song was finally ready. Then, I reached out to Scott, a very prominent producer in Los Angeles who was recommended by my friend Annalisa, to help me master the song. And voila! The song was out there, just another drop in the vast music ocean.

In other news - I have been working on my logo for oh quite some time now... I decided that the "Owl" should be the animal that represents me and my creative endeavor, as it represents the free thinker, the oddball, and the quintessential entrepreneur; it symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, keen insight, courage, agility, independent thinking, observant listening, and powerful intuition. Hopefully some of these qualities can be transmitted through my lyrics and music. Plus it is the symbol of the city of Athens, the place where I grew up. I can honestly say that it has been an interesting process trying to put the logo together; not only because of the need to accurately express myself and my music in a mere image (colors, elements, qualities, etc), but also because of my desire to subtly hide the initials of my name inside the logo. I have tried many different designers, and even though the last one came pretty close [SEE IMAGE ABOVE - left side], I still feel that the logo is not quite there yet. And that's where my dear friend Suzette, a truly incredible painter, comes in to the rescue. She will call upon her creative genious this week to make the logo more organic and personable, and bring to life what it is meant to express. Very excited!

And finally, even though the end of the year is approaching faster than we anticipate and want, that should only inspire us to be more creative and more productive; more elated and more motivated to tick boxes we aimed to complete at the beginning of the year. That being said, I will try to record one more song in December, and see if it can be released before the end of this year, or beginning of the next one.

Thanks for reading, and hope you like the newest song.


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