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a Blurry Song

a new song will be released soon.

And by 'new', I mean 11 years old. :)

"Blurry Song" is a song written in Madrid back in 2010, in an effort to express the feeling of being blue, yet feeling happy and grateful, dreamy yet nostalgic. The two melodic themes of the song were created to express the duality and contrast - the verses are more cheerful, and the choruses are more melancholic. The addition of the cello adds more nostalgia to the song, even to the 'cheerful' verses, in order to provide a secondary level of contrast to the song. Also, the word "blurry" is a term we most commonly use in order to express something visual and not audial - so the idea to name a song 'blurry' intended to communicate the happy/sad duality in a paradoxical way.

The song is particularly short - a bit over 2 minutes. Even though the song was composed and written in 2010, the lyrics were tweaked anew in August 2020, during my short stay at the extraordinary "Castle in the Sea" called Monemvasia, in Greece. The song's lyrics were a bit more abstract, so I replaced a few of the lines in the verses (such as "hide in a crowd" - instead of "cloud", "thoughts crystalized in time" - instead of "drops crystalized with time")as well as in the choruses (such as "lost in a heart-shaped maze" and "locked in a heart-made cage" - instead of "cradeled by a wave").

The production of the song took place at Pique Recording studio by James Meder who added many interesting touches to the song, such as the baritone electric guitar, the bag of silverware to replace the sound of cymbals, and the marching-band bass drum. In addition, a really talented cellist by the name of "Blessed Cellist" (aka Liza) created her own beautiful melodies for the song and recorded them live at one of the recording sessions. Her cello melodies were so captivating that for days after the recording I had them all stuck in my head. She truly made the song more special.

Finally, this song's biggest fan has been my dear friend Elsa, who was listening to the very raw and simple recorded version of the song back in 2010, during her trip to India, and motivated me to make the next step and record it properly this time. I also would like to thank my dear friend Annalisa (aka Inanna) who helped me get back to recording.

It has been a very wonderful experience recording this song, especially since, strangely enough, it took me 3 years to go back to the studio to record. So now the plan is for this to be just the beginning: there are 3 more songs lined up, which will hopefully reach the ears of the world before the end of this odd year.

Thank you for reading.


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