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Here are a few words about the making and release of the newest song, "Are You Out There?", the 8th of published songs by Costis de Viant in the vast music ocean. It is never too late to find your true love out there - it usually comes when and where you least expect it. And if it never comes, try to live your love to its fullest.

It was written on the way from Latvia to Greece back in 2012, and parts of it rewritten in 2020, in Monemvasia. It was recorded in Los Angeles, at the Pique Recording studio, from December 2021 to February 2022. My dear friend and talented singer Annalisa joined me by singing the female vocal parts of the song. We have performed the song LIVE many times together, and when I told her that I am trying to rewrite some of the lyrics, she helped me fix one of the lines by pointing out a grammatically-debateful concept that I had added. We had also recorded the song at her home studio, which really helped in deciding to speed up the tempo in the actual recording.

James Meder, the talented producer and musician behind Pique Recording Studio who was also the producer of "Blurry Song", produced "Are You Out There?". I felt he was the right person to work with on the song because of our previous collaboration, plus he is a fan of Damien Rice, so he understood the vibe that the song needed to transmit more accurately. The cello and the barritone guitar were two instruments that we added again to the recipe, but James felt that drums would also be a great addition. I was honestly a bit hesitant in the beginning as I always imagined the song being a purely acoustic one, but I decided to trust his vision, and never had to look back again. He retrieved his drum set from its hiding place, and played it perfectly, in a jazz-like fashion. Another somehow "controversial" idea he had was to extend the outro-choruses part (the nah nah nah nah), from only 4 bars that it originally was to 6 bars. That idea proved to be great, not only because it made the song longer, but because it allowed the song to become musically more digestible. :) Finally, he also helped optimize the bass line, and also played the bass in the entire song. Liza's cello performance and melodies need no sugarcoating; they are amazing and give the song such a beautiful sensation. And I will let you on a little secret about the cello in the song: it represents the female, while the lead guitar represents the male. In verse 3, before the male and female voices sing together for the first time, the cello and the lead guitar actually open the "dance", and converse melodically.

The last piece of the song-puzzle was the mastering and some effects tweaking, which were carried out by Arthur Pingrey, a very talented producer I discovered on SoundBetter. He was very easy to work with and enhanced the song to its final version, which is being released on June 3, 2022. However, it is already available on SoundCloud and on, for the truest of fans. And I will let you on another little secret about the song, as I love hiding tiny treasures here and there, for those who are willing to dive deeper or love to hone their observational skills: June 03 was chosen as the official release date because the song's duration is 03:06 (03/06 = dd/mm). ;)

Thank you for investing your eyes and time on this article, and hope you enjoy the song to all its depth and beauty.


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